Instantly transform your hair with Amatistyle hair…


Instantly transform your hair with Amatistyle hair…

Instantly transform your hair with Amatistyle hair…

Tips from a proffesional to care your Amati Hair extensions

Many stylists believe that many of the problems related to hair extensions are due to poor maintenance and inappropriate applications by stylists. “I have clients who have been colacated hair extensions for years, and their hair is healthier than ever. They follow my advice on hair care literally” says Mario, a renowned stylist.

If AmatiStyle hair extensions are a fashion that you can not resist, pay attention to Mario´s personal suggestions to keep your natural braids healthy, and avoid damage from the extra weight of hair extensions:

Find an experienced stylist, and do not be afraid to ask questions at AmatiStyle we work with a professional group of stylists that can help you with the most difficult demands of today.

• Brush your hair with a suitable brush for hair extensions at least twice a day. Try brushing before and after showering

• If you have hair extensions that are individually braided, occasionally pass your fingers close to the points where they are fixed to make sure they do not get tangled. This becomes more important the more the hair grows.

• Be very careful when washing and removing hair ties and remember to wash your hair with the appropriate shampoo so you always keep it hydrated.

• Wet the ends of your hair with a conditioner before showering. Avoid applying the conditioner on the roots, or near the junctions of the extension.

Hair washing should be done only twice a week

Keep your hair braided, or in a ponytail, when you sleep at night.

• Always remove clip extensions at night to prevent hair splitting. Always!

• To remove permanent extensions, visit a stylist to obtain a professional result. Never try to take them off on your own.

• If you are using extensions that are braided individually, we recommend the extraction and re-application that requires new strands of hair every 3-5 months, depending on the type of application made.

These renowned professional stylists trust our hair extensions:

Giovany Ulloa

Giovany Ulloa
Experience: 30 años

Work experience:
– Loreal París (2004)
– Trend Visión de Wella (2006)
– Salón Elegance, Maracay
– José Luis Alta Peluquería
– Show internacional (2002)
– Update Cycles (2009)
– Show Internacional (2010-2014)
– Beuty Show Internacional (2017)

– Show Internacional (2018)

Specialist in:
– Brides and Quinceañeras
– Master in Cuts
– Master Class in Colorimetry
– Master Class in Wicks
– Creator of Illusion of Color
– Colorimetry Workshops

– Movil: (+58)0412-899.82.86 / Email:
– Facebook: Giovany Ulloa
– Instagram: @sonyestilista46