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Different ways to wear Hair Extensions

Have you thought buying hair extensions but not sure whether to make the investment? Are you wondering what you can do with them in the first place? Here we assure you that you will not get bored. when you wear hair extensions. With so much extra length and volume, your styling options are endless when you wear hair extensions.

If you want to learn more about different ways to wear Hair Extensions be used for and their perks, this post is for you.

Different Ways To Wear Hair Extensions

¿You need of something new for a special occasion?

Hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to short or limp hair and, if done well, can look completely natural. We provide you tips and tricks for keeping your extensions looking natural and gorgeous for as long as possible.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: Crown Braid

With hair extensions any updo or braid is sure to look fuller and thicker. A crown braid is no exception.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: Messy Ballet Bun

Also known as a sock bun, your hair extensions will help you create a fuller, funner bun. Pull a few strands loose for a more laid back look.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: The Phony Pony

Sometimes you just want that long flowing ponytail. Try a clip-in ponytail for a full-bodied look and hide the extensions by wrapping your own hair around the base of the pony.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: Unnatural Colors

Instead of bleaching your hair to death, go with clip-in extensions to get that perfect shade of pink or purple.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: Clip In Bangs

Have we ever wanted to try bangs, and then two weeks later, we are complaining that they can’t grow out fast enough. Save yourself that awkward in-between stage and go with some clip-in bangs that easily disappear when you’re tired of the look.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: To add volume

Do you dream of transforming your thin hair into thick voluminous locks? Hair extensions add body and dimension to your hair, which can help your dream come true!

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Hair Extensions in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles: AmatiStyle

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: To create longer and thicker braids

Have you ever wanted those perfectly thick and long braids that you see on the networks? AmatiStyle Hair extensions are the perfect solution for this! Simply put in your extensions and braid your hair like you would with your natural hair and voilà – say hello to your beautiful extra-thick braid! Also, feel free to experiment with different kinds of braids – the fishtail braid, the dutch braid, the mermaid braid, the bow braid; there is a variety.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: Long and Straight

Straighten your hair and your extensions for incredible length and intense volume. Normally straightening your hair removes all volume and flattens it, but hair extensions replace the volume you’d normally lose.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: To add highlights and color

Want to experiment with color in your hair but aren’t feeling that brave to color it permanently? Extensions are a great solution! You can either add extensions that are a shade or a few shades lighter to add highlights to your natural hair or to add an ombre effect to your natural locks.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: To accessorize

Another creative way to use your extensions is to use them as accessories in your hair. By braiding a 3-clip weft, you can create a braid headband that will be perfect for any summer festival!

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: To add length

It is well known that hair extensionshair extensions also add instant length. Do you wish you had long hair after having chopped your hair? Or maybe you feel as though you can’t grow your hair anymore? Whatever the case may be, clip-in hair extensions is an instant solution to help you achieve the long hair you’ve always wanted.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: Get it Damp

If you are trying to curl your extensions, make sure you get the hair damp before you put it into rollers. Starting with damp hair will help cut back on the plastic shine and helps the extensions blend more naturally into your own curls.

Ways to wear Hair Extensions: Braids for Days

Go for synthetic styles of Marley twists, box braids and Senegalese twists with extensions for super easy upkeep. When the weather gets colder and you’re wearing a lot of hats and scarves, these braid extensions keep everything looking sleek and tidy.

Ways To Wear Hair Extensions

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Have you tried AmatiSytle hair extensions?

We are a team dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of human hair extensions. We comply with the highest standards of quality required by today woman. AmatiStyle hair is a hundred percent human hair extensions quality. The AmatiStyle hair extensions can be dyed and washed without damaging the quality. The hair is selected from one head to keep the cuticle in one direction and not get tangled when the hair is in contact with the water. Using AmatiStyle hair extensions. The hair will always stay radiant, tangle free, smooth and without frizz. AmatiStyle without damaging the quality. The hair is selected from one head to keep the cuticle in one direction and not get tangled when the hair contact with water.

Why buy 100% natural AmatiStyle hair extensions?

1) They are free of entanglements.
2) No frizz.
3) Thickness at the tips.
4) 100% human.
5) It can be dyed, ironed, curled since it is 100% human hair.
6) Double firing on the top for greater protection of the strands when ironing.

AmatiStyle comes from a long experience in the care and maintenance of women hair. Many stylists confirm this. We differ from other types of hair because we offer quality remi hundred percent. The texture and color of hair easily adapts to the needs of the most severe groups. AmatiStyle has the confidence of consumers. The success of the brand and customer satisfaction proves once again that we are synonymous with quality, expertise and innovation. Our main clientele is located in the United States (Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles).

Our Vision: Meet the most demanding tastes.

Our Values​​: Responsibility, Commitment, Ethics.


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The notes and the knowledge of the quality of the Hair Extensions AmatiStyle.

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