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How to Choose Blonde Hair Color Extensions

If you have brown hair but are unsure of how to choose hair extension color is ideal for you, in AmatiStyle Hair Extensions are available in 7 beautiful shades, ranging from Jet Black all the way to Strawberry Blonde, with 2 Blonde shadesStrawberry Blonde and Ombre Blonde.

So, learn how to choose blonde hair color extensions.

How to Choose Blonde Hair Color Extensions

How to choose hair extension color: Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde, beautifully blends rose and golden undertones. Exquisitely elegant, these Hair extensions instantly transform your hair and allow you to feel your most confident. The Amatistyle Hair extensions are made with the highest quality, 100% Remy human hair. They blend naturally with your own hair and can be easily styled with professional tools.

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How to choose hair extension color: Ombre Blonde

Ombre Blonde is a perfectly blends various shades of blonde. Is a stunning shade that is simultaneously casual yet super chic. The AmatiStyle Hair extensions instantly transform your hair and allow you to feel your confident with your longest, thickest hair yet.

Ombre hair is where the root is darker and blends into a lighter shade. In the salon, this is done by hand painting to create a dark to light effect. However, getting ombre hair in the salon can cost a lot, not to mention the bleach does damage the hair.

Remy Hair Extensions for Sale OMBRE BLONDE T218

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How to wear Ombre Blonde hair color extensions

The great benefit for those with short to medium hair lengths is that they are able to change their hair color effortlessly in an instant with ombre extensions.  Also, you do not need to color your own hair and will be able to save your money and hair while still achieving the ombre look. Just be sure to have your ombre extensions cut and blended in the salon for the most natural look.

Almost any one can wear ombre extensions, but the most important part is making sure they match your hair and that the extensions are cut and blended in the salon. Having hair extensions cut will make them undetectable and will make all the difference.

Choosing Ombre Blonde hair color extensions

The fade in the ombre extensions is the most important part of purchasing ombre extensions. A lot of companies have straight lines or don’t even blend at all! This is due to mass production manufacturing problems. Here at AmatiStyle, we have a strict quality control for our ombre extensions to ensure each batch has a natural ombre fade, as if the hair stylist just hand painted the extensions themselves.

We have found that not all hair extension companies are committed to taking the time to oversee the ombre fade! When this happens you end up with low quality hair extensions and wasted your money. Be sure that you purchase a set of ombre extensions that are faded and blended perfectly. Any harsh lines and bad blending will look fake and you will not love your hair extensions. Be sure to buy Ombre Blonde extensions that look as if a hairstylist did it.

Hair Extensions in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles: AmatiStyle

Have you tried AmatiSytle hair extensions?

We are a team dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of human hair extensions. We comply with the highest standards of quality required by today woman.

AmatiStyle hair is a hundred percent human hair extensions quality. The extensions of the hair of AmatiStyle can be dyed and washed without damaging the quality. The hair is selected from one head to keep the cuticle in one direction and not get tangled when the hair is in contact with the water.

Using AmatiStyle hair extensions the hair will always stay radiant, tangle free, smooth and without frizz. AmatiStyle without damaging the quality. The hair is selected from a head to maintain the cuticle in one direction and not tangling when in contact with the water.

Why buy 100% natural AmatiStyle hair extensions?

1) They are free of entanglements.
2) No frizz.
3) Thickness at the tips.
4) 100% human.
5) Can be dyed, ironing, curl, since it is 100% human hair.
6) Double firing at the top for greater protection of the strands when ironing.

AmatiStyle comes from a long experience in the care and maintenance of women hair. Many stylists confirm this. We differ from other types of hair because we offer a quality Remi hundred percent. The texture and color of hair easily adapts to the needs of the most severe groups. AmatiStyle has the confidence of consumers. The success of the brand and customer satisfaction proves once again that we are synonymous with quality, expertise and innovation. Our main clientele is located in the United States (Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles).

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The notes and the knowledge of the quality of the Hair Extensions AmatiStyle.

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