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How to Care for Fusion Hair Extensions

Installed and cared for properly, human-hair fusion hair extensions give you a completely natural look that falls, bounces, and shines as if it were your “real” hair. But, if you’re not careful, fusion hair extensions can also be a disaster. This just doesn’t have to be!

How to care for fusion hair extensions

Step 1 – Caring your fusion hair extensions: Products

Using quality shampoo and conditioner will help ensure that fusion hair extensions don’t become dry and dull. Make sure that should not use anything that sulfates. It can break down the bond faster than wanted and can also strip the color and essential oils from not only the extensions, but their own hair. Always to use lightweight products so they do not cause build up on the extensions.

Step 2 – Caring your fusion hair extensions: Brushing

It is important to brush their fusion hair extensions properly. Using a soft bristle brush, nylon extension brush or a looper brush with help them detangle their hair without damaging it. Fusion hair extension is similar to natural hair when it comes to brushing and detangling. Start at the bottom of their hair working their way up to the top. Holding the section in one hand and detangling it with the other, it helps so they do not put stress on the hair.

Step 3 – Caring your fusion hair extensions: Washing

Washing is vital to the upkeep of the fusion hair extensions. In a slow motion, wash the extensions from the top down while gently working the shampoo in, then rinse. Apply the conditioner to the mid shaft of the hair, all the way to then ends, working through the hair to help avoid tangles. Not to scrub too hard which could cause matting and/or breakage to their own hair.

How to care for fusion hair extensions

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Step 4 – Caring your fusion hair extensions: Hot tools

Using heat and hot tools is perfectly fine as long as they do not concentrate the heat at the root of their hair where the bond is placed. Remind that they were put in with heat and too much heat can cause them to slip or become sticky. Also make sure the temperature of the hot tool is not too hot, they don’t want to damage the extensions.

Step 5 – Caring your fusion hair extensions: Sleeping

To ensure their fusion hair extensions do not tangle while they are sleeping, I always suggest having them sleep in a low ponytail or a low braid. Also, to never go to bed with their fusion hair extensions wet. It can cause horrible matting to the extensions and their own hair.

Step 6 – Caring your fusion hair extensions: Regular trims

Even the finest quality extensions need regular maintenance just like a client’s natural hair would need. Schedule ever 5-6 weeks a trim with the fusion hair extensions. It also gives you the chance to see how they are maintaining the extensions. It’s a great way if needed to refresh them on how to care for fusion hair extensions.

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More tips on how to care for fusion hair extensions

  • Do not wash your hair until 48 hours after the extensions have been installed.
  • Brush dry the hair out completely with an extension brush before entering the shower and before bedtime. It prevents extension matting and tangling, and spreads nourishing oil throughout the extensions.
  • Wash every 2 days or less and do not wash your hair upside down. Do not scrub hair aggressively. Do not get shampoo or conditioner on the bonds.
  • Use good quality hair shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from ones that contain sulfur and alcohol as it breaks down the bond faster than desired.
  • Use a thermal heat protectant solution when styling hair. Do not flat iron or apply excessive heat to the bond itself. Remember that it was installed with heat!
  • At bedtime, braid hair into two side braids or in a high ponytail to prevent tangling and matting at the root area. Use a satin pillow to also prevent tangling.
  • Avoid salt water and chlorine water. Wear a swim cap.
  • If you follow these aftercare instructions, your hair extensions will remain beautiful and natural!
  • Never fall sleep on wet hair extensions. Make sure the hair and bonds are dry before bedtime to avoid matting.

Final tips on how to care for fusion hair extensions

The two biggest threats to your fusion hair extensions are tangling and split ends. Remember, human hair extensions are still human hair – you must get regular trims from your stylist and comb it carefully. For best results, keep a standing salon appointment every other month, so that your beautician can replace or tighten any loose or lost locks, shape up your ends, and make sure you’re on the right track. When combing hair, detangle from ends to roots – similar to the method used for natural Black hair – and use a wide-toothed comb. This eliminates tangles and reduces pressure on the hair before you reach your roots and the vulnerable fusion bonds there.

Speaking of your fusion bonds, make sure to keep all heat appliances far away from them. Flat irons, curling wands, and the like can cause your cold- or hot-fused keratin bonds to crack or weaken. Instead, when blow drying or otherwise heat styling your hand, focus your attention on the length of the hair and let the roots air-dry.

When washing fusion extensions, use a gentle hand. Never scrub, as this will cause matting and breakage, and try a gentle, non-stripping shampoo. For longer extensions, it’s best to wash hair in the shower, tipping your head backwards and gently cleansing the scalp with the pads of your fingers. The downward stream of water from the shower head will help rinse your hair clean from root to tip without you having to manipulate the strands too much. You also won’t have to flip your hair back and forth too much, reducing stress on the easily-loosened hair at your nape and hairline.

And when it comes to conditioners and styling products, avoid buildup and flaking by using smaller amounts of lightweight products.

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