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How to care for Sewn-in hair extensions?

Human hair extensions can transform your entire look by adding volume and length to your hair. Celebrities use them to get glamorous hairstyles in only a day. Just like your natural hair, human hair extensions require a certain amount of care. If you want your sewn-in hair extensions to make you look beautiful, you better learn how to maintain them.

How to care for hair extensions sewn-in

Sewn-in Hair Extension Care 1: Detangle your hair before washing it, and before going to bed

Use a wide-toothed comb, a wig brush, or a special looper brush. A looper brush is specially designed for extensions, and has looped bristles. Start combing your hair from the ends, and work your way to the roots in small sections. Never comb straight down from roots to ends.

  • If you just got extensions, wait a few days before combing your hair. If you must comb your hair, do so gently to avoid causing additional tension. Also, avoid getting too close to the joint.

Sewn-in Hair Extension Care 2: Wash your hair once or twice per week using a gentle shampoo

You should wash sewn-in extensions about as often as you wash your natural hair. Lather your hair gently, and work the shampoo downwards, from scalp to ends. Try to avoid touching the sewn part. Massage your hair using circular motions.

  • Ask the stylist who did your extensions what sort of shampoo you should use. She might be able to recommend a shampoo that is best for your hair as well as your extensions.

Sewn-in Hair Extension Care 3: Take care where you apply the conditioner

Start applying the conditioner from just below the sewn part. If you apply too much conditioner where the extensions connect with your real hair, your extensions may fall out.

  • Conditioner does not actually contain any detergent, so there is no need to place it so close to your scalp. The oils in the conditioner may also cause the extensions to loosen.

How to care for hair extensions sewn-in

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Sewn-in Hair Extension Care 4: Dry your hair all the way to the roots

When you get extensions sewn in, you end up with twice as much hair. It looks great, but it will take twice as long to dry. Make sure that you dry your hair completely, or you will risk the extensions loosening.

  • Consider spraying your hair with a heat protectant first. This will protect both your hair and your extensions from the hairdryer’s heat.
  • Use a lower heat setting, when possible. High amounts of heat can damage your hair. It will take longer, but your hair will be healthier.

Sewn-in Hair Extension Care 4: Avoid using heat styling on your hair, such as straightening or curling

If you must heat style your hair, use a heat protecting spray and a medium to low temperature.

  • Don’t tie your hair back just after you get the extensions. Wait a few days.
  • You can use no-heat styling techniques, but you need to wait a few days. If you use them immediately after putting in the extensions, the extensions may come out.

Sewn-in Hair Extension Care 5: Cover your hair with a net or sleeping cap before going to bed

You can also wrap a silk scarf around your head before you go to sleep. This will protect your extensions, and keep them from getting frizzy or tugged out while you sleep.

  • Avoid going to sleep with loose hair. When you move around in your sleep, you will loosen the extensions, and they won’t last as long. Braid the extensions or put them up in a ponytail before you go to bed.

Source: WikiHowHow to care for hair extensions sewn-in

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