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How to curl hair extensions

One of our favorite ways to style our hair extensions is to curl them! When curling hair extensions, you are able to give body to your hair and get those thick and luscious locks you desire! This is especially useful for those of us who have fine or thin hair.

Next, we want to give you certain recommendations about how to curl hair extensions.

How to curl hair extensions
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Before curling your extensions

Before curling your extensions and take out your curling iron, it is important to take into consideration the type of hair extensions you have before styling. While human hair can be styled using higher heat, synthetic hair is a little bit different as it is not always heat friendly. You must make sure you know what type of hair you are working with before starting! With heat friendly synthetic hair, you are able to use heat tools, as long as you don’t exceed 350 degrees.

Follow the five easy steps below for quick, gorgeously curled hair:

Step one to curl hair extensions

Make sure that your curling wand is set anywhere from 250-350 degrees if your extensions are synthetic. If you exceed this temperature, you risk melting the synthetic fibers! It’s important to remember not to use a regular hairbrush on alternative hair, instead use a wide tooth wig comb!

Step two to curl hair extensions

Next, get the hair extensions ready for styling. Remember not to style the extensions before putting in! Using a Styrofoam head and T-Pins, pin your hair extensions to the Styrofoam head so that the hair extensions will stay secure while curling.

Step three to curl hair extensions

Once the curling wand has warmed up to the correct temperature, wrap small portions of the hair around the curling wand and hold for 5-10 seconds.

Step four to curl hair extensions

Clip it to cool it! Remove the curling wand, but keep the coiled hair in place until it cools using a clip or your fingers. This step is crucial in ensuring that the synthetic hair holds the curl! Repeat these three steps until you have beautifully curled hair extensions!

Step five to curl hair extensions

Mist with hairspray designed for wigs and extensions. Make sure not to use hairspray formulated for bio hair, this can damage your hair extensions.

How to curl hair extensions

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Styles to curl your hair extensions

Style 1: Classic Flat Curl

So, the classic flat curl is a no-brainer, every girl either knows or needs to know how to get this simple go-to look. Simply start by wrapping your hair or your clip-in extensions around the barrel of the wand all the way to the ends. Don’t allow any spaces between the ribbons of hair and I would say give it about 10 seconds to get a nice, solid curl. Then, allow it too cool in your hand for a couple of seconds. Follow this pattern all over and you will get an elegant, classy, curl that is perfect for any special occasion or just to add a little something extra to a casual look.

Style 2: Twisted Spiral Curl

The first step is to take a small section of your hair or hair extensions, and twist it all the way to the end. Next, wrap the twist tightly around the curling wand. After the curl is set, allow it to cool in the palm of your hand for a bit and then release it. This curl is great for a night out on the town with friends or a fun day of shopping.

Style 3: Soft Hollywood Wave

Start by wrapping your hair or clip-in hair extensions around the barrel horizontally. Now, instead of holding the hair in place on the barrel, gently roll the barrel up and down. Also, instead of allowing the curl to cool in your hand or releasing it completely, you’ll need to pin the curl up using hair clips. Complete this process all over. Once all of your hair has cooled you can take the pins out and brush the curls all over. Don’t be afraid to brush it good since you’re going for more of a soft wave instead of curl.

Style 4: Victoria Secret Curl

Divide your hair or hair extensions into four equal parts, two at the front, two at the back. Starting at the bottom of each section curl your hair up and hold until the curl is set. Pin the curl up and start the next section. Once each section is done and pinned allow them to cool down completely. Then, simply let the curls down and shake, shake, shake.

Style 5: Messy Beach Waves

All you have to do is wrap your hair around the curling wand a couple of times but you’re going to leave the last two to four inches of your hair out depending on how long your hair or hair extensions are. Now, the sections need to be medium thick when you curl them and can be released afterward. When you finish with all the curls, use your fingers to comb and tease the curls to your liking.Change the look today and look fascinating

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