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How to Prepare your Hair for a Sew in Weave

Weave hair extensions are predominantly used for people with thicker hair because of the way they are applied. This type of hair extension is popular because it’s the most permanent and seamless, as the hair is literally sewn into your own hair and cannot come off.

It is important to properly prepare your hair for weave extensions prior to adding them, so that the process is easier, and your hair looks better and avoids unnecessary damage.

How to prepare your hair for a sew in weave

What is a Sew-In?

A sew-in is a style in which tracks are sewn onto your braided hair in order to sew on extensions. There are many different types of sew-ins yet the basic foundation for them remains similar starting off with braided hair.

Quick weaves, tape-ins are other ways to add extensions to your look but they are not considered sew-ins. For a sew-in you would start off with corn row braids and then you would sew in tracks into the braids.

When it comes to sew ins a needle and thread is used to attach the wefts of the hair extensions to your braids. Depending on the type of style you want you may start off with a different type of braid pattern for your sew-in.

Preparing your hair for a sew in weave 1: Shampoo your hair

Use a clarifying shampoo on your hair to remove any excess oil or product buildup from your hair. The extensions will be easier to attach and will hold better with clean hair. After that, use a conditioner. Any type of conditioner is fine, but a lighter conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down too much is ideal.

Preparing your hair for a sew in weave 2: Use a blow dryer

Blow dry or air dry your hair once it has been washed and shampooed. Do not use any heat or styling products after it has been dried. Make sure that it is not damp underneath when you begin sectioning it off for the extensions.

Preparing your hair for a sew in weave 3: Part your hair

Use a comb to section off your hair. Section it depending on where the braided base will go. The braided base is the part where the extensions are sewed into. Pin up hair that you don’t want to be a part the weave.

Preparing your hair for a sew in weave 4: Braid your hair

If you will be covering your entire head in extensions, all of your hair will need to be braided. Braid your hair into into a continuous cornrow braid. Attach the end of a braid to the next braid. Your scalp may feel uncomfortable from the tight braids. Add some olive oil or other hair oil to ease the discomfort.

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Before Your Sew-In

First is to consider the condition of your scalp, and are you tendered headed? Is your scalp sensitive? Do your ends need to be clipped? All of these threads play a considerable role when getting your hair styled.

There’s nothing like a bomb weave but the condition of your natural hair is equally important. If you are tender headed it’s best to bring along some pain medicine to reduce the pain. Take painkillers before getting your hair braided can help out a lot.

If your scalp is super sensitive make sure to notify your stylist so that they can take it easy on you. It will be best to get your hair deep conditioned and to sit under the dryer to let all of the moisture lock-in.

Now that your hair is washed and conditioned, you can now wine down and relax because its time to get stitched.

Preparing For Your Installation

Be sure to let your stylist know precisely how you want your hair styled.

Try to be very specific as possible when explaining how you want your hair styled. To obtain the best results show your stylist a photo so they can see what you wish to get.

Try to be as patient as possible. This could be a 2-5 hour process depending on the style you choose.

How to prepare your hair for a sew in weave

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