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How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume

There’s plenty of ways to use hair extensions for volume and it’s all about finding what works for you and your own natural, growing locks, too.

If you have very light or thinning hair, you can make the most out of AmatiStyle Hair Extensions. Following the right steps, you can use your extensions to add natural looking volume to your hair.

Most people don’t take advantage of the fact that hair extensions can be well utilized for adding both length and volume to the hair.

How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume

How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume 1: Straighten your hair

Recommend that you straighten your hair as to match the texture of the extensions before cutting them. This will ensure that the length you cut the extensions to is accurate, otherwise, when you style the extensions, they will appear shorter than you originally thought.

How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume 2: Feather the ends

In order to make sure that the wefts you are cutting look natural, we recommend to first cut the hair horizontally to ensure that you are cutting the weft straight, leaving the weft about half an inch longer. Then, turn your scissors and snip vertically along the edge to feather the ends. This will make the ends of the weft look much more natural, rather than extremely blunt, which is not how natural hair grows.

How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume 3: Keratin extensions cut in half

The application, better if it is with the machine of ultrasounds, since it is much more respectful with the hair that the systems of pinza by heat. The extensions should always be the same length as your hair.

  • Advantage. To create volume, with about 40 units you’ll have plenty. We split them in half, so we will have 80 micro extensions that, when placed in the central perimeter of the head, create a spectacular density and volume. The main advantage with this system is precisely the naturalness, since they are integrated into your hair as if it were your own.
  • Disadvantages. They can not be reused.

How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume 4: Adhesive extensions

The technique of invisible extensions is ideal because it is designed for fine hair, is easy to use and also the extensions are reusable and imperceptible to the touch and sight. The method consists of a direct contact through a special fixator.

  • Advantage. You can reuse them up to 3 times (always with the proper care), so if you want to take them several times, they are the ideal method. The extensions, once removed, are cleaned with a special gel, an intensive hydration treatment is carried out and they will be ready to be used again.
  • Disadvantages. With this type of extensions we lose naturalness, since the strips can be seen depending on the hairstyle you wear. They are usually changed every 3 months in these cases, to prevent hair from suffering.

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Hair Extensions in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles: AmatiStyle

What if your hair is longer than 20 inches?

If your hair is longer than 20 inches, this is the ideal situation for you. In this case, you can simply clip your AmatiStyle Hair extensions in right out of the box, to use for volume rather than length. Even if your hair is an inch or two longer than your hair extensions, the extra wefts clipped in will still do the trick to add volume and thickness to your hair, without the length being too noticeable.

Hair extensions are truly a versatile hair accessory and don’t have to be used just for added length. Even short haired gals can get in on the fun, by wearing hair extensions to enhance their hair’s thickness! Do you wear your AmatiStyle Hair extensions for thickness?

How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume

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Have you tried AmatiSytle hair extensions?

We are a team dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of human hair extensions. We comply with the highest standards of quality required by today woman. AmatiStyle hair is a hundred percent human hair extensions quality. The AmatiStyle hair extensions can be dyed and washed without damaging the quality. The hair is selected from one head to keep the cuticle in one direction and not get tangled when the hair is in contact with the water. Using AmatiStyle hair extensions. The hair will always stay radiant, tangle free, smooth and without frizz. AmatiStyle without damaging the quality. The hair is selected from one head to keep the cuticle in one direction and not get tangled when the hair contact with water.

Why buy 100% natural AmatiStyle hair extensions?

1) They are free of entanglements.
2) No frizz.
3) Thickness at the tips.
4) 100% human.
5) It can be dyed, ironed, curled since it is 100% human hair.
6) Double firing on the top for greater protection of the strands when ironing.

AmatiStyle comes from a long experience in the care and maintenance of women hair. Many stylists confirm this. We differ from other types of hair because we offer quality remi hundred percent. The texture and color of hair easily adapts to the needs of the most severe groups. AmatiStyle has the confidence of consumers. The success of the brand and customer satisfaction proves once again that we are synonymous with quality, expertise and innovation. Our main clientele is located in the United States (Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles).

Our Vision: Meet the most demanding tastes.

Our Values​​: Responsibility, Commitment, Ethics.


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The notes and the knowledge of the quality of the Hair Extensions AmatiStyle.

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