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How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair?

Did you know you can go from having short hair to hair down your back overnight? The big secret is… hair extensions!

Clip in hair extensions, and sew-ins are the best way to transform your short natural hair completely. Depending on your lifestyle, preference and desired look, one or all of these options may be optimal for you.

If you’ve never used clip ins before, don’t be intimidated. They may seem tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, they’re easy as one two three. Just follow these steps, and your clip-ins will look so natural people will be asking how you grew your hair so fast.

How to wear extensions with short Hair

-Choosing Hair Extensions-

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #1: Choose a fairly short length

Shorter extensions usually look more natural, especially if your hair is very short. Aim for extensions that are between 16 and 18 inches (40 to 45 cm). You can look for even shorter extensions if your hair is shorter than chin length.

  • You can cut the extensions on your own or have them cut by a stylist if they are longer than you’d like.

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #2: Make sure the extensions are thick enough

This is especially important if you have a blunt haircut. Thin extensions may not blend in if the ends of your hair don’t thin out. Thicker extensions will make the transition look smooth and natural.

  • Compare the extensions to the thickness of your own hair to make sure they are thick enough.

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #3: Use less wefts

Wefts are basically the individual clip in sections. You can use several wefts if you are looking for extra volume and length, but one or two wefts should be enough. One 100g (3.5 oz) weft is ideal. This will make styling easier and the possibility of the clips showing less likely.

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #4: Match the extensions to your hair color

It’s very important to match the extensions to your hair color, or the illusion of longer hair the extensions create won’t be successful. The best way to find extensions that match is to go to a beauty supply store to purchase the extensions rather than purchasing them online. This will give you a chance to put the extensions up against your own hair, check them out in a mirror, and ask for advice.

  • If you’ve worn extensions before and know the brand and color you like, you can order them online.
  • If you’re using human hair extensions, you can color the hair to match your current hair color. You can also dye your hair to match your extensions.
  • Look for an ombre set of extensions if your ends are a different color than the rest of your hair.

How to wear extensions with short Hair

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-Applying Hair Extensions-

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #5: Begin with clean hair

Wash and condition your hair right before you plan to apply the extensions. Oily hair won’t hold the clip in extensions as well as clean hair. This may not be a problem if you have naturally dry hair.

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #6: Secure the top half of your hair

Pull up the top half of your hair. It may not be possible to hold it with a hair tie if it is very short, but you can use clips to secure your hair if that’s the case. You will apply the clip in extensions to the divide between your top and bottom half of hair.

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #7: Tease your hair at the place you plan to apply the extension

You can use a backcombing brush or comb to do this. Use the brush or comb to gently tease the hair where you plan to clip in the extensions. This will create a shelf, which makes it easier for the extensions to stay securely clipped in.

  • You can apply the extensions to any part of your head as long as your natural hair covers them.
  • You will usually secure the extensions on the back of your head if you’re using one weft, but you may also use extensions on the sides of your head if you use multiple wefts.
  • Spray hairspray on the “shelf” for added grip.

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #8: Clip in the extensions

Grab your extensions and undo the clips. Hold the clips up to the shelf that you created. Make sure that you are satisfied with where they are being clipped in before snapping the clips shut. Look in the mirror once the extensions are clipped in to make sure they smoothly fit in with your natural hair.

  • You can undo and redo the extensions until you are happy with the placement.

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #9: Go to a salon for more permanent extensions

If you want longer lasting professional extensions, head to your local salon and discuss your options with a hairdresser. You can get extensions micro-linked, sewn, taped, or fused.

  • Tape-in extensions are taped to your roots, and take 40 minutes to an hour to complete. They last about four to eight weeks.
  • When applying sew-in extensions, your hairdresser will cornrow your hair and weave the extensions into the braid. This method works best on thicker hair, and lasts about six to eight weeks.
  • The fusion (or glue-in) and micro-link methods are very damaging, so they’re best for really healthy hair. It takes about three hours to apply extensions using these methods, and the extensions last up to four months.

-Styling Hair Extensions-

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #10: Trim the extensions if necessary

You may find that the extensions are too blunt at the ends to look natural. Trim the ends of the extensions to solve this problem. Vertically hold a pair of scissors made for hair cutting to the ends of extensions. For a natural look, keep the scissors in that vertical position as you cut.

  • It’s also an option to take the extensions to someone who knows how to cut hair if you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own. They can trim the extensions while they’re in your hair to blend them in perfectly.

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #11: Curl or straighten your hair

The texture of the extensions will most likely look at least slightly different than your hair. Blend in the extensions by curling or straightening your hair while wearing the extensions. It does not matter if you decide to use a curling iron or flat iron. Either method will help the extensions look natural.

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #12: Use a shine serum

This is an especially good option you have straight, synthetic extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are usually shinier than human hair. Use a shine serum to make your hair as shiny as the extensions. Simply spray it all over your hair and style as usual.

How to Wear Extensions with Short Hair #13: Try a thickening spray

You can use this for real or synthetic hair if you want a tousled and wavy look. Thickening spray is a great option for synthetic hair extensions since you usually can’t use heat styling tools. Spray the hair all over your hair and use your fingers to scrunch your hair, including the extensions, into waves.

Source: WikiHowHow to wear extensions with short Hair

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