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Tape in Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

The tape-in hair extensions do not require much in the way of setting up, and as such, it’s no wonder why it’s the most in demand type of hair extension nowadays. However, just like with anything else, there are tape in hair extensions pros and cons.

Nothing in life is perfect, so normally you will have some disadvantages by wearing tape in extensions (as well as advantages).

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Then, we will explain you tape in hair Extensions pros and cons.

How to remove tape in hair extensions at home

Tape in Hair Extensions Pros

1.- Tape in Hair Extensions are easy to Install/Apply

The time it takes to install tape-ins is quite less compared to other hair extension methods. It only takes about 30-60 minutes to install unlike other methods which requires you to spend quality time with the styling chair. If applied properly, it can stay on your head for 6 to 12 weeks.

2.- Tape in Hair Extensions are comfortable

This is very important when you wish to wear hair extensions. If you are not comfortable wearing hair extensions, you will not enjoy wearing them. it is as simple as that! These extensions are comfortable because they are lightweight. In fact, many celebrities wear tape in extensions specifically because of its great and unique comfort. Other extensions might be uncomfortable, especially if it was not installed correctly by the hairdresser. On the other hand, tape in hair extensions are so lightweight and comfortable, that you might very well forget that you are wearing hair extensions.

3.- Tape in Hair Extensions have not Less Harm/Damage

If you’re worried about hair loss thinking that hair extension can take a lot of toll on your real hair, then tape hair extensions are your best bet. They are not heavy and, as such, do little to no damage to your scalp and hair. They are also very easy to install, and, as such, do not stress your scalp and strands.

4.- Tape in Hair Extensions blends in naturally with your hair

The tape-in hair extensions are made with natural hair so you do not need to worry about people noticing them.

5.- Tape in Hair Extensions are reusable

This means that you can remove them and replace them whenever you wish without any issues. Just be careful in choosing a professional hairdresser that has solid experience installing tape in extensions.

6.- Tape in Hair Extensions are the best hair extensions for thin hair

Yes, tape in hair extensions are absolutely the best extensions if you have thin or fine hair. In fact, these extensions were specifically designed for the ones with fine or thin hair. Even if you have super thin hair, this technique is still the best for you. Other types of extensions may seem weird on you if you have thin hair, but not tape in extensions!

7.- Tape in Hair Extensions have more styling options

With tape in hair extensions on your head, you can try a wide array of hairstyles that allow you to stand out in private parties or public events.

Tape in hair extensions pros and cons

Tape in Hair Extensions Cons

1.- Tape in hair extensions will fall if the installation is not done correctly

Tape in extensions will fall if not installed correctly.

Hair extensions need to be installed by a professional with solid knowledge on installing tape in extensions. Although the installation process is relatively easy, keep in mind that there are many details to take into consideration.

2.- Tape in hair extensions can cause irritation if the installation is not done properly

The tapes need to be installed approximately 1/4th of an inch away from the root. If this isn’t done properly, the tape cannot move and it will cause irritation which can sometimes be really painful.

3.- Tape in hair extensions requires lots of maintenance

The tape in extensions requires a lot of maintenance. If you don’t do it, you will pay dearly: the extensions will become tangled, they will fall apart, etc.

4.- Tape in hair extensions requires patience due to some restrictions

You’ll need to resist the urge to wash your hair or perform any difficult physical activities within 48 hours after installation, as the tape has not properly bonded by then. Oily styling products and shampoos are not to be used as well since they may lead the taped panels on your head to slip.

5.- Tape in hair extensions aren’t cheap

One thing is certain, these tape-ins are not cheap. But it doesn’t mean that it’s expensive enough to leave you broke and in debt. On the bright side, however, they can be used for up to a year, and thus it is safe to say that they are cost effective extensions.

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