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Wavy Hair Extensions Clip In Human Hair

Lucious glam curls and effortless beachy waves are completely attainable with a little skill and most importantly the right tools.

For start, using high quality 100% remy human hair clip in extensions like AmatiStyle, is key to having flawless hair that can easily hold curls, waves or any texture using thermal styling tools.

Wavy hair extensions clip in human hair

Selecting a curling method

As far as selecting a curling method, for tighter curls, a small-barreled iron will be your best bet. For looser waves, a large-barreled iron will help achieve that old Hollywood glam.

A great pro tip to try is holding your iron vertically for looser curls, and horizontally for bouncier, tighter curls. If you have short hair, it’s best to use a small-barreled iron facing down which will create tighter curls on the underside and give your hair a bouncy, voluminous look for a fun play on texture.

Different types of waves

You can also obtain different types of waves depending on your process. For natural looking curls and waves, let your hair air dry after washing, then curl. For a more voluminous look, blow dry your hair first to create that extra volume, and then curl it. For sleek curls, start by straightening your hair, then curl with a larger barreled wand for glossy waves.

These different drying methods will help your curling iron do its job in the most optimal way while also eliminating the chance of burning your hair. For best results, do not use an iron directly on wet hair to avoid potential damage and breakage.

Long lasting curls

For long lasting curls, allowing them to set is key so for best results, slowly slide your hair off the wand or iron into your palm allowing the curl to cool before dropping. If you’d like to go a step further, you can also clip your curls straight off the barrel on the top of your head so they can fully cool and set and then spray the clipped curls before letting them down slowly.

Regardless of curling method, starting off with top quality 100% remy human hair extensions like AmatiStyle will help you achieve amazing hair every time you style it. Just set with a styling product and get ready to enjoy your best hair day!

Interview with celebrity stylist Lacy Redway about wavy hair extensions clip

You don’t need a celebrity hair stylist to get this look — totally doable at home with the right tools. Her tips, however, will come in handy if you’ve never navigated these waters before. Guard them with your life below.

Celebrity hair stylist Lacy Redway demonstrates the process:

Wavy hair extensions clip in human hair Lacy Redway

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  1. Wash your hair for a fresh start

If you can, wash your hair first. “It’s a good foundation to start with,” says Redway. As for the clip-ins themselves: “You don’t have to wash extensions daily, but you should wash them when you can feel too much product on them. Otherwise, you can go a few wears or just rinse with hot water to remove the product.”

  1. Add Flexi-Rods to enhance natural curls

The rod size depends on the size of the curl you are trying to achieve, similar to a curling iron. Once you’ve chosen your size, apply product to hair, wrap around the rod, hold to secure and release your grip.

If you have enough time, Redway recommends letting the twists air dry.

Drying tip: To maximize volume in your hair and roots while using a blow dryer, diffuse with your head upside down with your head leaning forward.

Wavy Hair Extensions Clip In Human Hair Flexi RodsSee also: How to wash clip-in hair extensions

  1. Add in the extensions

Once hair is completely dry, Redway remove the rods and added in hair extensions. “We used 100% virgin and unprocessed hair extensions,” she said. To put them in, section off hair where you plan to add clip-ins and backcomb to add texture for the clips to grab. You’ll likely need a mirror to see what you’re doing. Add hairspray at your own discretion.

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  1. The amount of clips needed

The amount of clips will vary depending on the length of your own hair to begin with, and the length you’re trying to achieve. The goal is for everything to blend together, Redway explains. You especially never want the actual clips exposed.

You can buy individual clips (a few inches wide each) or buy long pieces that wrap from one ear to the other.

  1. Synthetic versus human hair

Redway recommends human hair over synthetic hair so that you can color and style as you would your real hair.

  1. How to care for your hair once the clips are in

The actual clip-in hair can last a long time depending on how well you take care of the extensions. The great thing about clip-ins is that you can take them out every day and put them in as you needed. “If you like to change your style frequently, clip-ins are ideal,” says Redway. “If you’re growing your hair out or want highlights or lowlights, clip-ins are also ideal. Just take them out if you’re going to shampoo.”

  1. Don’t cut or color the clip-ins yourself

Though you can treat clip-ins made of human hair as you would your natural hair, Redway advises that you bring your clip-ins to a salon to be colored and cut.

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