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What are Keratin Extensions?

Hair extensions have proven themselves time and time again as a true go-to when it comes to styling. Extensions are versatile, stylish, and they look like your real hair – three things that women love most about them! But in spite of this, there still exist people today who think that having hair extensions that are expertly done, affordable and durable is just a dream! To be honest, this is far from the truth! If you want a great extension installation that suits you perfectly, you’ve only got to give one of the most popular hair extension types a try: Keratin Hair Extensions.

These are tiny strands of real, virgin (unprocessed) human hair. Generally, you’ll come in for a consultation ahead of time so the stylist can match your color and order the hair, but some salons have many shades on-hand, ready to be used same-day. The extensions themselves look like a small wisp of your own hair, but with a keratin-based dried “glue” at one end.

What are keratin extensions

What exactly are keratin hair extensions?

A favorite of many women today, keratin extensions are also one of the older, more traditional ways to install hair extensions. Customers and stylists alike are in love with this method, and are never tired of praising its easy installation, natural results and of course, durability. When women go to have keratin fusions installed, they can rest assured that their outcome is going to be amazing. Keratin fusion extensions are also fondly referred to as the ‘glue’ method, or more commonly, ‘fusions.’ However, it doesn’t use glue, though it’s just as effective at gripping the hair shaft.

How are keratin hair extensions installed?

When installing keratin fusions into a client’s hair, stylists use packs that come with around 20 strands. Attached to the root of these strands is a flat, square tip that connects all of the hairs on the strands. Depending on the size of a customer’s head, a full installation of keratin fusion extensions can take anywhere from five to nine packs of hair. 100-180 of these strands, therefore, is standard for a quality installation, and should fit most heads quite well.

The flat square at the root of the extension strands is where the magic happens, as this is the keratin bond that is used to fuse the Keratin Hair Extensions onto the client’s natural hair. This is done by melting this square, which is initially solid. To do this, the stylist takes a section of a client’s hair that is similar in size to the width of the hair extension strand. Using a hot tool, the stylist melts the square tip, and quickly places it onto the section of the client’s hair. Then, the stylist uses their hands to manually shape and mold the melted bond around the client’s hair shaft. When these cools, the bond is firm and durable, and the client moves on to another section of hair.

Row after row and strand after strand, the stylist repeats the process, beginning first at the nape and moving up to the crown and sides of the head. The upper layers of hair are left untouched, as it is important that they fall over the lower layers to hide the keratin bonds. At the end of the complete installation, the stylist goes on to further blend the Keratin Hair Extensions so that they look just like the client’s real hair. This may include curling or flat ironing, and varies from head to head.

What are keratin extensions

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What are the methods in keratin extensions?

Since this method is done using heat, many refer to it as the ‘hot method.’ It’s traditional, effective, and doesn’t take much work. There is also another method, the ‘cold method,’ which is a bit more contemporary and modern. With this method, sonic technology is used to fuse the keratin extensions onto your natural hair. Some clients prefer the hot method while others swear by the cold method, but at the end of the day, it largely depends on your hair type. Fine, silky strands do well with the cold method, while thicker hair strands are perfect for the hot method. Having two methods is quite an advantage, as it assures that you will find the one that suits you best.

What are the advantages of having keratin fusion extensions?

It’s difficult to attempt to downplay the popularity of keratin hair extensions. Debating it is interesting, but futile. According to thousands of women who have tried the experience and have fallen in love with it, it’s certainly one of the top choices between the three most popular installation methods – tape-ins, micro beads and of course, fusions. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most marketed and talked about – almost everyone has heard of ‘fusions!’ It can be said, then, that the keratin fusions industry is one of the best regulated extension industries.

Thanks to skilful placing and blending, keratin fusions are never obvious when done well. There are a few techniques that differ slightly in the application process, but no matter which one your stylist chooses, it’s a given that no one will be able to call your bluff. This is exactly why people flock to fusions so willingly. Underneath all of those layers of hair, the tips that have been molded and attached to your roots are completely unnoticeable when styled properly. The hair flows just like your own, and there’s no need to worry about people pointing out your extensions, or worse, giving your hair that ‘look.’ The entire style is seamless, flawless and realistic, and you can go about your day as you normally would, letting your hair be the least of your worries.

For extensions done with high-quality, virgin hair from a good hair vendor like AmatiStyle, keratin fusions can last for as long as four months with proper care and maintenance! That’s definitely great news for anyone who has been wondering if keratin fusion extensions are worth it.

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Are keratin extensions safe?

When it comes to safety, Keratin Hair Extensions are absolutely stress-free. There is no damage done to either your hair or scalp once they are maintained and installed well. Whether your stylist uses the hot installation method or the cold installation method, your hair’s health is protected either way.

Keratin extensions for all occasions

Lastly and best of all, fusions offer the advantage of realistic, natural results. They are great for daily styling and a variety of styles, and more importantly, can be styled to fit any dress code. For example, if you’re still attending school or you work in a conservative office environment, keratin fusion extensions don’t stand out any more than they should. However, they can also certainly be dressed up if you have a special event to attend, like a birthday party, wedding or otherwise. They provide great length and volume, giving you much more styles to choose from than you ever had before!

How are keratin extensions maintained?

You have to be careful with keratin extensions, specifically the bonds. You can’t yank a brush through your hair or clamp a flatiron onto the glue spot. Many experts also recommend you don’t use products with sulfates, which can break down the bonds. Even if you follow all of those directions, it’s still possible that the extensions will loosen over time. Losing one to three extensions is normal. Losing 10 or more is not.

Damage control of keratin extensions

Extensions are not for the low-maintenance,” says celebrity stylist Jen Atkin.  Extensions = responsibility. “You’ll need to make sure you have a special brush and to brush your hair regularly” says Atkin. “A lot of girls are afraid of brushing their hair when they have extensions, but this is key to keeping the hair tangle-free and healthy“.

Elimination of keratin extensions

The short story: You can’t do it yourself. Head to the salon! Keratin bonds are dissolved with a solution of either acetone, alcohol, baby oil, or a mixture of two or more. The stylist uses a wrench-like tool to apply some pressure after soaking the bond (if you’re concerned about your hair’s safety, you might not like this part!), and then the loosened bond is carefully slid off of your own hair. With proper application and timely removal, you shouldn’t lose more than a few strands of your own hair throughout the process. Technically, there is no way around shedding some hair in the process, but the more experienced the stylist and the better the application and product, the more this risk can be minimized.

If you haven’t tried keratin hair extensions yet, we won’t be surprised if you want to after reading this article. For clients who are ready to take that first step, don’t hesitate! Contact AmatiStyle; we’re positive that you won’t regret it.

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6) Double firing on the top for greater protection of the strands when ironing.

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