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What Shampoo to use on Hair Extensions

What can be better than long, healthy-looking and fresh hair? Who wouldn’t like to have this right? Using hair care products, primarily shampoo on hair extensions can help achieve this goal. There are hundreds of hair care products that you can find at your local beauty shop or even online. However, if you’re using hair extensions like Keratin or Sewn-In, it’s going to require a little bit of adjustment when shopping for your shampoo.

There’s really no such thing as “The Perfect Shampoo” for hair extensions. However, there are types of shampoo or ingredients that should be avoided to help prolong the life span of your extensions.

What qualities should I look for when selecting the right shampoo on hair extensions? Here is a list of aspects you should observe when selecting the right shampoo:

What shampoo to use on hair extensions

1.- What Shampoo to use on Hair Extensions: Without oils or silicone

You will find these components or agents in almost all shampoo brands out there for obvious reason. Oils or Silicone are designed to help make your hair shiny and smooth.

Silicone is actually similar to rubber or plastic. It works like a sealant against water and dust. Yes, it makes your hair shiny, but it’s not the kind of shine that you want. It’s a total faux shine from plastic. We want the type of shine where the cuticle layer is sealed and the light bounces off or reflects off our hair. That’s the healthy kind of shine and is not a bogus type. With prolonged usage, it will eventually weigh down the hair, making it lifeless and dull. It will prevent moisture from reaching the hair shafts and let it function as a dirt eliminator.

Hair Extensions shampoo or even regular hair shampoo should not contain oils or silicone.

2.- What Shampoo to use on Hair Extensions: Little sulfate

You’ll read a lot of things about why you should avoid sulfate anywhere in magazines and even online. But what is sulfate really? And why do most shampoo in the market contain this ingredient?

If you’re keen reading product labels, primarily shampoo on hair extensions, you’ll surely find a chemical that ends with the word “sulfate”. There are lots of different kinds of sulfates that shampoo companies use. These ingredients help shampoo mix into water and help create the foamy texture when we start massaging the shampoo-water mixture into our scalp and hair. At low concentration, sulfate is actually safe to use. However, with excessive use of products that contain a high amount of fo sulfate, it can help damage the hair by stripping away natural oils and hair proteins in each strand.

3.- What Shampoo to use on Hair Extensions: Go Natural

It pays to read the label. Being conscious about the ingredients you apply to your hair can definitely save you from spending lots of money to repair damages later. By simply avoiding the 2 common ingredients stated above, it will surely help you avoid hair nightmare every girl dread.

The safest answer that most hairdressers would tell you is to go for organic or all-natural shampoos. At AmatiStyle we agree with this course. Usually, these products contain organic ingredients like coconut milk and oil, chamomile, aloe and a lot more! Nature has everything you need, really. You can find organic shampoo at a health food store or natural food section at your local grocery stores.

4.- What Shampoo to use on Hair Extensions: Special

Aside from using all-organic shampoo, using one that is specifically designed for hair extensions will give you all the cleaning job that your extensions deserve. Hair extensions shampoo is certified free of any sulfates.

Compared to regular shampoos, sulfate-free shampoos can feel a little different due to less foaming and bubbling effect when you massage the water-shampoo mixture on your hair. However, the long term result of using sulfate-free shampoo makes the little difference worth making the switch from a typical market shampoo to versus a healthier and safer sulfate-free shampoo for your hair extensions and natural one.

What shampoo to use on hair extensions

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Considerations of washing with shampoo in hair extensions

Generally, you should wash your hair extensions much like your own hair but take great care not to rub too hard at the area of the bond.  For flip-in hair or pony-tail extensions, wash them in a bowl of warm water and run the shampoo down the length, taking care not to tangle up the hair.  Rinse well and apply conditioner as normal, then hang out to dry.  You can style as normal once dry.

For bonded, taped or woven hair extensions gently massage shampoo on the area of bonding but don’t rub and never pull.  Wet hair is at risk of breakage, which is why it is so important to take care of your extensions.  Use a wide-tooth comb to comb out hair after conditioning too and never use a very oily conditioner at the sight of the bond or tape, you run the risk of loosening the extension so it might drop out.  It’s best to avoid using conditioner where the bonded area is.

How often should you wash your hair extensions with shampoo?

You can wash hair extensions as often as you like as long as you are exceptionally careful, use quality shampoos and conditioners and don’t over-style your hair.  Like regular hair, over-use of heated styling tools will take its toll and leave your hair extensions looking dry, brittle and generally bedraggled!

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Using AmatiStyle hair extensions the hair will always stay radiant, tangle free, smooth and without frizz. AmatiStyle without damaging the quality. The hair is selected from a head to maintain the cuticle in one direction and not tangling when in contact with the water.

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6) Double firing at the top for greater protection of the strands when ironing.

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