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Amanda our mother suffered a cancer that caused the loss of her hair. Her self-esteem and way of seeing life was not the same because she lost the hair. Your beautiful hair was everything for her so She looked for the way to feel good about herself. At first She used wigs while growing her hair and passing the chemotherapy processes. Then as she grew her hair she realized that she did not have the same length and volume so she started using hair extensions to make herself look and feel like she wanted. As time went by, she regained her self-confidence and felt different and realized how extensions helped her to improve her self-esteem and her illness. Over time, our mother got married and used fashion extensions and recommended them as it improves the woman´s self-esteem and way of feeling. Due to this experience Amanda and the brand created by her AMATISTYLE has collaborated and worked with foundations of breast cancer to bring a smile to each women who do not feel good about themselves due to the loss of their hair. In this way, by raising a smile they can achieve improvement in them through a win-win exchange and thus win the battle of the disease. We love the AMATISTYLE extensions because they manage to change the woman´s self-esteem and way of feeling. My mother every time she changes her hair extensions she feels good about herself !! AMATISTYLE extensions are 100% virgin human hair and are dense from the top to the tip which allows you to use the hair you always dreamed of. Our main clientele is located in the United States (Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles).